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Loco Moco

The first time I had this I was on the big island of Hawaii and I had never heard of it before my now wife and I walked into a small diner in some tiny town that I can’t even remember the name of. I do remember that we had both had too much wine the night before and this particular menu item jumped right out at me as something that might help with that. I’ve since learned that this is the quintessential Hawaiian comfort food and if you decide to make it, you’ll appreciate why. 

Key things to look out for:
  • How you season the patty is going to greatly colour the dish. I like Cajun spices but you do you 
  • Don’t wipe out the pan in between the patties and the gravy. The fondant is exactly what you’re after when making a good gravy 

Gather the good Stuff


  1. Ground beef - enough for a few small patties. Probably about 400g or so. I like them on the thinner side but you do you 
  2. Cajun seasoning to taste 
  3. Garlic salt to taste 
  4. Black pepper to taste 
  5. 1 egg 


  1. 1.5 cups beef broth 
  2. 2 tbsp soy sauce 
  3. 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 
  4. Splash of sesame oil 
  5. 3-4 tbsp corn starch
  6. Optional - tbsp ketchup 
  7. Optional- tsp sugar 


1.5 cups rice 

Putting it together 

  1. Mix ground beef with egg, salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning. 
  2. Finely dice 1/2 onion and add to beef mixture
  3. Using your hands press beef into patties of desired size
  4. Heat frying pan over medium high heat with a bit of oil or butter 
  5. Fry patties for 4 minutes per side (more or less if thicker / thinner) or until desired doneness 
  6. Transfer patties to a plate and keep warm in the oven 
  7. If necessary blot out some of the excess grease from the pan, but not all
  8. In a separate bowl mix together broth, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, sugar, sesame oil
  9. Add cornstarch to gravy mixture and whisk in well until all lumps are gone 
  10. Add remaining 1/2 onion to pan and fry until golden on medium heat 

11. Once the onion is golden add gravy mixture to the hot pan and stir until thickened, remove from heat

12. In a clean pan fry one runny egg 
13. Assemble in a bowl over rice by placing patty on top of rice and pouring gravy over top. 
14. Garnish with green onions 


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